Master Government Standards for Export and Import Program Compliance

HEXDI compliance program management software reduces the risk of multi-million dollar fines, debarment from government contracting, and other penalties for violations of export and import laws.



Track development and implementation of policies and procedures for several hundred essential trade compliance program requirements, mapped to specific line items organized under 12 primary modules.


Benchmark program requirements against over 1,000 United States Government standards, with agency sources mapped to each program requirement.


Analyze program health and identify compliance gaps with built-in data analytics, gap visualizations, and automated standards-driven assessments.

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Tracking Made Easy

The United States Departments of State, Commerce, Homeland Security, Treasury, Justice, and other federal government agencies publish standards they use to evaluate the effectiveness of company compliance programs. HEXDI merges these standards into specific line items organized under 12 primary modules.

Self-directed and intuitive dashboard interfaces allow entry of item status and proofs of compliance through real-time collaborations by process owners, which allow tracking by item or by module.

This consolidated management approach speeds program development, implementation, and validation.

Benchmarking is a Breeze

HEXDI maps government standards to your compliance program with a level of detail sufficient to reveal specific agency sources for each compliance program requirement.

This mapping streamlines and reduces the costs of internal and external audits, and provides established points of reference to ensure a consistent audit framework over time.

Take advantage of HEXDI’s overall program assessment capability and be recognized for compliance program excellence with the HEXDI Company Benchmark, based on the total number of government standards mapped to your company’s compliance program.

Effortless Analysis

HEXDI’s built-in data analytics and gap visualizations provide on-demand assessments against established government standards.

These capabilities enable real-time standards-driven reports on program health and compliance gaps for compliance staff, auditors, senior management, board members, and other stakeholders.

The reports can further reveal program growth over time, increase senior management and board member confidence in compliance, and support executive officer internal control certifications under SOX.

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