United States export and import control laws are broad, increasingly complex, and enforced by multiple government agencies, each with their own requirements. Failures to comply with these laws risk debarment from government contracting, loss of export privileges, and multi-million dollar fines that can materially impact your company's financial statements.

HEXDI Compliance Management brings government standards together into a standards-driven internal controls management tool that empowers companies to efficiently track, benchmark, analyze, and document international trade compliance programs.

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  • Maps government standards to specific policies and processes
  • Supports executive officer internal control certifications under SOX
  • Increases senior management and board member confidence in compliance
  • Builds customer confidence through HEXDI Company Benchmark
  • Consolidates program management in a single tool
  • Real-time collaborations by process owners across enterprise
  • Speeds compliance program development and implementation
  • Enables on-demand assessments
  • Streamlines and reduces costs of internal and external audits
  • Ensures consistent audit framework over time
  • Reveals program growth over time


  • Web-based with no downloads or uploads required
  • Secured with RSA 2048-bit encryption
  • Regularly updated
  • Intuitive organization
  • User friendly and dynamic dashboard interfaces
  • Built-in data analytics and reporting
  • Scalable to scope of company operations
  • Multiple user roles
  • External audit portals
  • Based on expert knowledge

HEXDI is owned and operated by EXIMCORE Partners, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. Additional information is available by email to  info@hexdi.com